How Troop 1919 Operates

Scouts run the troop and trained adult leaders support scout activities. Scouts do much of the training. The troop instructor and guides prepare a training plan (with guidance from the Adult Training Coordinator) to provide training for rank advancement and overall scout skills. Youth leadership is encouraged and developed in every activity. When a Scout has a problem or question, unless it is a safety issue, he should first go through the Scout chain of command – Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol Leader, ASM for patrol, SM. Want additional information? Use our Contact Us page.

High Adventure

Troop 1919 usually plans a high adventure trip every two years.  Trips have included Philmont Scout Ranch – New Mexico, BSA Camp Seabase – Florida Keys/Bahamas (Sailing and Scuba Diving), BSA Camp Northern Tier – Minnesota (Canoeing trip).


Our troop maintains a yearly calendar of outings.  We attend a different summer camp every year and plan one campout per month, in addition to other day activities on other weekends.  For campouts, scouts will plan a menu that must be approved by an adult leader.  A grubmaster will be appointed to buy food for the patrol.

Scout Advancement

Scout Handbooks are the responsibility of each Scout. Scouts should maintain their advancement and merit badge cards in a three-ring binder using baseball card pocket holders. This will help keep the Scout’s advancement progress in one place and will be needed in the event the scout advances to the Eagle rank. Scouts identify the merit badge they want to complete and then go to the Merit Badge Coordinator or Scoutmaster to identify a counselor for the badge. Various merit badges will be taught as part of Troop activities/meetings.

New Scout Training

Troop 1919 will conduct a new Scout training campout during the March/April timeframe to cover everything a new Scout will need to know about camping with the Troop. A new Scout training day/outing will be planned (usually in May).

For additional information, visit the Scout roles and responsibilities.