Summer Camp Information

Summer Camp at Camp Horseshoe is fast approaching, so here are a couple of notes:

1.  Meet up and departure.  We will meet THIS Sunday 30 JUNE 2019, at 0900, at the VFW for final load out.  We anticipate leaving by 1000.

a. At this time parents can give Mr. Perritt any medications they need to secure for their sons, as well as any instructions.

b. We will stop for lunch along the way, so please have money for the trip up, as well as the trip back.

2.  We will be departing Camp Horseshoe on 7 July, probably returning between 1200 and 1400 (2 pm) at the VFW.

3.  Money handling/Bank.  AFTER we get to the camp, I will be willing to accept your money from you and hold it during the week as a “bank,”  in a lock box  I’ll have a log so you know what you signed in and out.  You don’t have to use the “bank.”  If you don’t, I can’t take responsibility for you losing money, or having it stolen.  You WILL get your balance before we leave Horseshoe.

4.  Merit Badges.  We still have two young men who need to get me their Merit Badge Selections.

5.  Packing List.  You all should know what you need for eight (8) days at camp.  Be sure you have your swim trunks easily accessible, so you can take the swim test first day.  There are packing lists in your scout handbooks, as well as one attached, for ideas.

6.  As discussed at the last two meetings, it would be best for you all to check out the Merit Badge Books you need, print out MB worksheets, and look at prerequisites.

7.  Denver Daniel is the Acting Senior Patrol Leader.  Support him as a good scout and follower would.

Remember, we need to have updated Scout/camp Physicals before departure!

See you Wednesday!!!

Below is the BSA Medical Form.  We will need a completed (by Healthcare provider) form NLT departure on 30 Jun for scouts and Adults.  If you don’t have a medical form to standard, you cannot go.