2017 Summer Camp: Camp Olmsted

Camp Olmsted has been selected by our scouts.  Below are related costs.  

Planning for summer camp is underway.  We have 30 slots reserved right now and four adults planning on coming to help out.  On Wednesday we’ll have a computer set up to complete all sign up requirements and to start selecting classes for the camp.  The Olmsted program schedule has the activity badge list that will be offered and the prerequisites file has, well, the prerequisites for the badges needed before or during camp.
See Joe Yoswa during the Scout meeting on Wednesdays

General information and pre-requisites are listed in the file below:

Goshen, VA175 miles – 3 hrs

  • Early Cost: (by April 14)  Scout: $360  Adult: $225
  • Regular Cost: (by May 19) Scout: $400  Adult: $265
  • Late Cost: (by April 14): Scout: $440  Adult: $305

Camp Video: